Issue #2: Breath (Print Zine)


Issue #2: Breath is over double the size of Issue #1: Birth. Full of photography, art and writing from a variety of different talents, this zine is a true celebration of creativity. Its striking cover is a painting by Katrine Claassens, who is also the subject of one of the issue's features. Other features include interviews with Chris Onstad (creator of Achewood) and Jenna Brown (2D Art Director on A Hat in Time), Professor Elemental's personal guide to building the perfect rapper and much more. For full contents and more information, click here.

We have now finished production on Issue #2: Breath, and we're ready to start posting them out. You can make an order through here, guaranteeing you a copy of this zine soon after your purchase. Alternatively, you can receive physical copies of our publications as rewards for subscribing to our Patreon.

Thank you for your interest in Secret Cave!

This zine is dedicated to the memory of Jon Sherry.

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